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Contractual relations

When you and your company make agreements with others, you have freedom of agreement. Which means that you are free to agree on the terms that suit you best, with respect to applicable law, which may contain certain restrictions and requirements for agreements and contracts between companies and merchants.

Therefore, you may find that what has been agreed may prove to be contrary to applicable law and thus not be valid. It is important to be aware that oral agreements are as binding as written ones. When it comes to agreements in your company, you should always make sure they are in writing. This ensures clarity of what has been discussed and provided for in the conclusion of the agreement. Written agreements and contracts between your company and other collaboration and trading partners provide security and benefit a good and transparent collaboration.

You do not need to have an attorney draft the agreement for it to be legally binding.

Everyone can make agreements and make contracts with each other. Traditionally, it only requires the signature of both parties, but a confirmatory email covering the content of the agreement is nevertheless also a sufficient agreement.

With extensive experience and a broad legal insight, Cadvi can offer the preparation as well as control and validation of your company's agreements and contracts.


Typical examples of agreements and contracts in business relationships:

  • Employment contracts
  • Owner agreements
  • Supplier agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Leases
  • Dealer agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Commercial Agent Agreements
  • License agreements
  • Terms and conditions